1. High quality lubricants & greases. 
  2. Profitable business for distributors
  3. Trusted superior performance
  4. Excellent technical and after sales support
  5. Technical Innovation


Our goal is becoming a high European standard and service level on a international scale by selecting experienced and highly motivated distributors, providing the best local service, together with Makinalube professional team. We offer a product and service that is as unique as the client.


Makinalube is focused on becoming a leader manufacturer of lubricating oils and greases, through research and development efforts, with environmental consciousness throughout the world. We are committed of continuous improvement of our products quality & customer satisfactions.


To maintain and achieve the highest global quality standards in lubricating oil and grease products manufacturing in order to establish a premier international brand in lubricants and greases; promoting a wide range of products including food grade and synthetic oils while fostering a unique work culture through team efforts and conscious ethics.